I try to become the World’s Strongest Man one day and I know, it will be a very long and very hard way.

So last year (aged 17 years) I began with my special strongman-training after „normal“ weightlifting. Since I was a boy, I was fan of lifting – also of lifting my buddies. Now I train with atlas stones, car lifts, truck-pull, log-lift, stone-lift and all that funny sports disciplines.

My inspiration ist Eddie Hall – the Beast.

In addition to intensive training, a healthy diet is an important aspect. So I try to reach the neccessary calories a day, but to choose the right calories.

When I have graduated from high school in 2022, I aim to study physiotherapy alongside my sport. I think it is important to know what is best for my body. 

NAME: Magnus Konstantin Sommer

NICKNAME: Mammothman

AGE: 17 years

HEIGHT: 2,02 m | 6 foot 8

WEIGHT: 112 kg | 250 lbs

max. DEADLIFT: 200 kg

max. LOGLIFT: 90 kg

max. BENCHPRESS: 110 kg

max. FARMERS WALK: coming soon :)

Status März 2021


MARCH 2021